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Just wanted to announce that today, Insha’Allah, I am officially launching “Mobilized Momma-holics”!  I have a link for it on the right…

Basically, I have wanted to do something for some time where  moms get together to have impact.  I always fantasize about us coming together and becoming a force to be reckoned with.  I want us to grow and start taking ownership of our own happiness.  I want us to grow and take ownership of how Islam is represented in this country…We’re a pool that’s totally not tapped into…

So every so often I figured we can come together for some purpose.  It can be great.  It can be small.  But hopefully, together, it will have impact.  That’s what I’m hoping for.  Let’s see what can happen.

On the right under “projects” I’ve listed our first project…I’ll also copy it below…Whether you’re a mom, or not, whether you’re married or not..or even if you’re a guy!…I hope Insh’Allah you will join me in this endeavor… 🙂



I’m proud to have you as my friend,
A wonderful friend for me;
You’re also a great mother, too;
I watch you admiringly.

Observing you, I often think
How blessed the world is now
To have you in it, friend and mom,
Thumbs up and take a bow!

Model Mama Appreciation

(Getting sick of my alliteration yet?)  I want our ‘kick off’ project to be something that directly helps all the moms out there.  I want to start by doing something for them, for us.  So I thought about what moms need that they’re not getting.  Well, that was easy – Appreciation.

Almost every mom I know feels guilty.  The working moms feel guilty.  The stay at home moms feel guilty.  Almost every mom I know feels guilty that they’re not doing enough for their kids, or that they could be doing something better.  I hardly ever hear a mom saying, “You know, I think I’m doing a pretty good job!”  But can you imagine how much better we’d all be if we could do just that?

This week, I’d like you to think about one mom who you admire.  Who inspires you.  Some one you think of as your ‘model mom’.  And I want you to tell her that.  It’s that easy.

Sometimes we spend hours chatting with our girlfriends, venting about our kids, asking each other for advice.  But how many of us actually say, “Hey, you know, you’re a really good mom”.

So think about that special mama, and then go let her know.  Oh, and when you’re done, check back in here and leave a comment letting us know you did your part in helping moms all around the world feel more appreciated!  🙂


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