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Cloth Diapers and Twins

After reading that every kid goes through about 4500 diapers, and it takes like 500 years for a disposable diaper to go away in a landfill, I pretty much decided to go the route of cloth diapering.

Let me tell you what I know about cloth diapering, and what i decided to do…

There are two basic parts to a cloth diaper, the cloth part which absorbs, and a “cover” which keeps the baby and his clothes dry. Ordinarily you would buy both separately, or you can buy them as an “all in one” which resembles and functions like a disposable diaper. With twins, I looked for ease, and chose the all in ones…

I decided to buy Kushies all in ones b/c i could order them online from walmart and they have free shipping to their stores. They cost about 8 bucks each and are sold in packs of five. I bought about two packs per kid, but it wouldn’t hurt to buy another depending on how often you want to do laundry. Just throw them in the wash to clean, no soaking needed (if you buy the disposable liners).

Disposable liners are also available and they go on top of the cloth diaper in case the baby does number 2. This can be flushed. Its not necessary, but again, makes cloth diapering easier. I usually just put the liners inside the diapers when they come out of the wash so when i need to change a baby, it’s all ready to go.

FYI walmart only sells the size that is for kids 10 pounds and up, so if you want to start at birth, you’ll either have to find smaller sizes, or buy the cloth diapers and covers separately. I actually bought the cloth diaper separately with the intention that I would make covers out of old clothes (yes you can do that, patterns are available online), but I just didn’t have time.

You have to change your baby a little more frequently with cloth diapering, but honestly I don’t notice…I’m not one of those moms who waits for her baby to cry about diapers, I compulsively check them and change them, so I haven’t noticed any difference b/c the baby is still going the same amount of times…


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Hello Cybermoms!

Welcome welcome my virtual peers!

Thanks for exiting the information highway and visiting my blog.  I’m new at the whole ‘stay-at-home mom’ gig, but there’s one thing I know;  we all spend a lot of time online.  That’s why it was shocking to me that I wasn’t able to find a stronger voice that echoed my own – a Muslim mom trying to do what she can to raise her kids to be good Muslims.

I was looking for tips, ideas, specific things to do with my kids.  Sometimes, I was just looking for a place to share or vent; to hear some one else’s triumphs or frustrations.  Hopefully, this will be that place for you!

-Muslim momma-holic

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